Insta fiesta is the biggest convergence of the different kind of celebrities, instagram celebrities, social media influencers and consumers at large, thereby creating an avenue to connect social media influencers in a more natural way. The festival cut across sales, brand awareness, influencer and consumer amplification and alignment. An opportunity to tap into and build lasting relationships with instagram celebrities at large and most importantly attracting Global audience.

Creating a real life instagram community.

connecting and hosting instagram users.

Promoting love unity and friendship.

Creating a condusive environment for public socialization.

we outside with No walls, cement or concrete rather with handles partying with the Sun, wind. warm weather , sand and Out of doors. Come ready to party all day basking in all Mother Nature got to offer.
InstaFiesta is more than just a festival , it’s a lifestyle.

A celebration of the diverse creativity in us .Insta fiesta is on one hand a musicomedy festival , on the other hand, lifestyle. The handles posting are genuine , sliding into dm’s are inevitable , the connections are unmatched, love fest like no other

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